2012 Articles

  1. 'starts_with?', 'end_with?' and 'include?' vs. RegExp Comments
  2. Killing Caps Lock on Ubuntu Comments
  3. Quick Benchamrking One Liner Comments
  4. Alternatives to OpenStruct Comments
  5. Fast Hostname Completion with ZSH Comments
  6. Dilbert: Cloudwash Comments
  7. Thin Wrapper Script Comments
  8. Rails script/server Unicorn Replacement Comments
  9. Minimum Version Checking with BASH/ZSH Comments
  10. VIM Tips and Tricks Comments
  11. vim-gist is cool! Comments
  12. Fixing Backlight on the HP Folio 13 when using Linux Comments
  13. RVM, irb, readline and Ubuntu Comments
  14. Web Pasting with "gistcli" Comments
  15. Syntax Highlighting on Nesta - RubyOps.net Comments
  16. Hack: Deploying with git - Hacks Comments
  17. Hack: Generating gh-pages - Hacks Comments
  18. IPTables Rules Examples Comments
  19. Executing BASH from Python Comments
  20. Executing BASH from Ruby Comments
  21. Fixing Wireless on the HP Folio 13 when using Linux Comments
  22. httperf-0.9.1 with individual connection times Comments
  23. Automating Performance Testing with httperfrb Comments
  24. Performance Testing with Httperf Comments
  25. Benchmarking in Ruby Comments
  26. Duality: Two Caches at Once Comments
  27. Github: Hello World! Comments
  28. Mongocached: Simple Cache using Mongodb Comments
  29. Diskcached: Simple Disk Cacheing for Ruby Comments
  30. Link: Application Cache is a Douchbag Comments
  31. Chrome for iOS Comments
  32. Setting up NewRelic on Sinatra Comments
  33. Migrating from MongoMapper to Mongoid Comments
  34. Caching external HTTP requests with VCR in Rack Comments
  35. MongoMapper: Overwriting a Collection Name Comments
  36. Killing whitespace in HAML Comments
  37. vlad-push Comments
  38. HAML link trailing whitespace sucks! Comments
  39. Configurable Template Engine in Sinatra Comments
  40. BASH Arrays Comments
  41. Sinatra Mobile Dection - rack-mobile-detect Comments
  42. Deploy Sinatra with Vlad and Git Comments
  43. Sourcing and Setting Environment Variables in Ruby Comments
  44. Dynamically Generated Object with Accessors Comments
  45. Mocking HTTP Response body for rSpec Comments
  46. How-to: Setup MySQL and RoR on AWS Comments
  47. Using Nginx and AWS to proxy sub-domains Comments